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Human rights law
Constitutional law
Administrative law
Corporate law
Banking law
Contract law
Employment law
Land law
Civil law

Salome graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2010 acquiring a degree in Law (Distinction, valedictorian) and from the University of Bristol in 2011 obtaining an LLM in European Legal Studies. In 2019 she acquired a PhD in Law from the University of Nicosia (Distinction, unconditional acceptance) for her thesis titled ‘The right to property and the economic crisis in Cyprus’. Salome has participated in seminars and has published a series of articles and a book chapter discussing -primarily but not exclusively- human rights, European law and constitutional law related issues. She is also an associate of the Journal of Administrative Law issued by Sakkoulas Publications in Greece.

Salome was a visiting lecturer at the University of Nicosia from 2013 to 2019, teaching, inter alia, Cyprus legal system, land law and inheritance law. Furthermore, she became a member of the Cyprus Bar Association in 2012 and has worked since then for well-known law firms, acquiring knowledge especially in the fields of European law, human rights law, constitutional law, administrative law, corporate law, banking law, contract law, employment law, land law and civil law.

Salome joined Areti Charidemou & Associates LLC in 2019 as a Senior Associate at the Litigation Department. In 2021 she was appointed as the firm’s Legal Research Officer.

  • Memberships

    • Cyprus Bar Association
    • Limassol Bar Association
    • International and European Law Committee of CBA
  • Publications

    • Yiallourou S., Trapped buyers: The problem, the regulation and the constitutionality, in the book Cypriot and Greek Land Registry: A comparative review, (Athens, Thessaloniki, Nicosia: Sakkoulas Publications and Hippasus, 2020), p.113-160 (in Greek).
    • Yiallourou S., The fundamental rights, the law of necessity and the economic crisis in the Cypriot legal order, Academia, 22/12/2019 (in Greek).
    • Yiallourou S., Constitutional review of the reductions of the salaries of the public servants in the context of the economic crisis, 2019 (2) Journal of Administrative Law, p.133-161 (in Greek).
    • Yiallourou S., The Supreme Court, the reductions of the salaries of the public servants and the right to property: Commentary on the judgment of the Supreme Court in the case Charalambous a.o. v. The Ministry of Finance, dated 11/6/2014, Academia, 5/7/2014 (in Greek).