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The Cyprus Migration Department revised the current regime for obtaining a visitor’s permit during November 2022. The main additions are in relation to the eligibility of more dependant applicants and additional documentation to be submitted along with the application.

The new regime and/or additions that have been decided, will be enforced starting from January 1st 2023.

It is worth noting that a grace period will be imposed to allow applicants to comply with the new regime’s requirements until 01/05/2023.

The additions in regards to the eligibility group of applicants include the below:

  • Dependant adult children, of a person who holds a residence permit in Cyprus, up to the age of 25 or up to a year after the completion of their studies. This addition is considered to be a very valuable addition for this permit considering that the up-to-date requirements allowed only dependent minor children (under the age of 18) to apply along with their parents.
  • Dependant parents, of a person who holds a residence permit in Cyprus or dependant parents of their spouse.  This addition is as well considered very practical as up until now a special permission from the Migration Department had to be obtained in advance in order to include dependent parents and/or parents in law in the application of the main applicant.

The additions in the required documents include the below:

  • Necessity to provide an original criminal record certificate from the latest place of residence and origin (if different), duly legalised with official translation either in Greek or in English, for every adult applicant (only for the first registration).
  • Necessity to provide original medical examination certificate of blood tests, proving that the adult applicant does not suffer from Hepatitis B or C, or HIV, or Syphilis, as well as a chest X-ray for tuberculosis with a doctor’s report, stamped and/or certified by a specialist doctor from the Republic of Cyprus (only for the first registration).

In addition, there having been amendments, that were mostly applicable, thus not officially included in the lists of required documents regarding the finances and income of the applicant. Those consist of the below:

  • Necessity to provide detailed bank account statements from the Cyprus Bank Account of the applicant, of the last 12 months if it is a renewal while if it is a first registration, from the date of the opening of the bank account in Cyprus, showing the foreign remittances.
  • The monthly income of the applicant should not be less than €2,000 or €24,000 per year for one person. This amount is increased by 20% for the added spouse or for each dependent parent and by 15% for each child.
  • In addition, despite the fact that is a renewal or a first registration, the applicant must have in his Cyprus Bank Account the amount of not less than €6.000.
  • Until December 2022, it was only necessary to provide bank account statements from the Cyprus Bank account, of the last 3 months, with sufficient balance obtained from external sources.