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This has been a year unlike any other. Despite the turbulent times we are going through, from the beginning of this pandemic, it has been of vital importance to us to continue providing our services the best possible way but also keeping our people safe and highly engaged.

We are not alone in being grateful for the collaboration of our employees during the Covid-19 period and all the preventive measures we are applying. Our efforts are recognised as we are selected as one of the HR Awards 2020 winners under the Covid-19 action plan category.

During this period, we are applying a series of measures and practises to protect our team as much as possible from the economic and other effects of this crisis. Everything from adjusting to new working models, frequency of cleaning and disinfection to providing motivation monetary and non- monetary to boost our employees’ satisfaction is included in our business continuity plan.

Until this moment we are still exploring to identify ways to adjust, improve our action plan and play our best role not only for our employees and clients but also for our community through our corporate social responsibility services.

Until things get back to normal please stay safe and positive!