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A new market called the Emerging Companies Market (“ECM”) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (“CSE”) benefits from a simplified regulatory regime specifically designed for small and emerging companies. ECM of CSE is considered as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) according to “the provision of Investment Services, the exercise of investment activities, the operation of regulated markets and other related matters” Law 144(I)/ 2007, and is aimed at:

  • Private companies seeking funding and easy access to the secondary market;
  • Investors seeking a new type of investment;
  • Public companies reluctant to incur the higher costs of regulated markets.

When the decision to float has been taken, a critical appraisal of the company’s business is required, to identify whether it meets the ECM admission requirements, as follows:

  • General suitability – preparation and planning;
  • Eligibility for admission;
  • Continuing obligations and filing requirements.

A Nominated Advisor (“NOMAD”) is the Legal Entity appointed by you, and which must be retained at all times to advise you and to ensure that your company complies with the relevant ECM rules on an ongoing basis.


We can offer you the following NOMAD services:

1.During the admission procedure

  • facilitating the company’s admission to ECM;
  • appraising the appropriateness of the company for listing to the CSE;
  • ensuring compliance with the ECM rules;
  • preparing the admission document; and
  • project management of the overall process leading to a listing.


2.After the admission procedure

  • evaluating and presenting you to the CSE ensuring that the listing requirements are fulfilled;
  • representing the issuer through the listing procedure;
  • advising you in respect of the compliance of the continuous obligations:
    • Monitoring and assisting you according to the rules and regulations of the ECM in fulfilling your obligations;
    • Advising you in respect of your obligations and taking any appropriate measures for the fulfilment of these obligations;
    • If you do not comply with your obligations, the NOMAD will take any necessary actions in order to remedy any failure, while informing the CSE on the nature of the failure and the measures that you have undertaken.
  • assisting with comfort letters and related procedures;
  • risk management advice; and
  • market practice input.

塞浦路斯股票交易所(“塞交所”)新成立的新兴公司市场板块(“新兴板”)提供简化的专为小型新兴公司设计的监管机制。塞交所的新兴板被视为根据144(I)/ 2007法律“投资服务、投资活动执行、受监管市场运行及其他相关事项之规定”成立的多边交易设施,其面向:

  • 寻求融资和希望能够方便进入二级市场的私人公司;
  • 寻求新型投资的投资者;
  • 不愿意承受受监管市场较高成本的公共公司。


  • 一般相适性 – 编制和计划;
  • 准入合格性;
  • 持续责任和报告要求。



  1. 在入场流程中
  • 为公司进入新兴板提供便利;
  • 评估公司于塞交所上市的合适性;
  • 确保公司遵守新兴板规定;
  • 编制入场文件;及
  • 对整个上市流程进行项目管理。
  1. 入场程序完成后
  • 评估并且在塞交所中进行推介,确保符合上市要求;
  • 在上市流程中担当发行人代表;
  • 就持续责任的合规提出建议;
    • 根据新兴板规定监督并且协助您履行责任;
    • 就您的责任提出建议并且采取合适措施履行责任;
    • 若您未能履行责任,提名顾问将采取必要措施进行补救,同时通知塞交所该等未能履行责任行为的性质以及您已采取的措施。
  • 协助发送告慰函并完成相关流程;
  • 风险管理建议;以及
  • 市场实务输入